A few notes for the new London cycle hire scheme

July 24, 2010

  • In your online registration, if you’re only going to accept a specific subset of characters for the password be very clear what they are.
  • If the person registering should get that wrong tell them that in the error message, instead of telling them that you can’t process their application repeated times, and then let them find out about said restrictions when they go through the call centre.
  • Also, in your online registration, if you’re going to offer people ‘extra keys’ for your system, please be clear that for each ‘extra key’ a person orders, they will also be charged for an ‘extra period charge’ as well. This will prevent your potential clients from being horribly surprised when they see a charge for nearly £200 going through instead of about £50.
  • Speaking of charging, give people a confirmation screen before you charge them. In other words, the first time they see the actual total of what they are about to be charged should not be on the ‘Verified by VISA screen’
  • Further to the speaking of charging, when you call people back from a call centre that shows up on their phone as a blocked number, just use the security data they provided, do not also ask the people you call back to give you their credit card number, and their expiration date.
  • Further again to the speaking of credit card numbers, do not have someone from the call centre read back a persons credit card number and expiration date to attempt to reassure them. This is not reassuring, it is, in fact, the opposite of reassuring.

But hey, it’s early days, and a few mistakes are to be expected. I’d only really worry if this kind of behaviour was in some way associated with a bank, I mean, that would really make me uncomfortable.


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