Richard Boulton on self-documenting web APIs

March 28, 2009



Tales about how to organize more complex applications in a kind of object-oriented fashion. Making smaller web applications which are then tied together but as a consequence of this the need for documentation is greater. What would be useful in those situations is a way to create applications that self-document. This is kind of how.


3 Responses to “Richard Boulton on self-documenting web APIs”

  1. Graham King Says:

    No posts for a year, and then 11 in one day. Wow!

    There’s a typo in your wsgiwapi url, should be:

  2. richardboulton Says:

    There’s a couple of typo in my name, too, but thanks for writing this up, anyway! πŸ™‚

  3. rnalexander Says:

    Eeek! Sorry about that Richard! That’s what I get for frantically attempting to blog with an iPhone in my frist week of ownership πŸ™‚

    Hope I got everything right now, please let me know if not!

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