White Hot Consumer Fury – theTrainline

November 30, 2007

I’m looking at getting a ticket this weekend and as I was going through TheTrainLine.com I noticed a new ‘feature’. After selecting my tickets there was an extra section at the bottom:

This journey has been insured with Columbus Direct for just £2.00 per person

We recommend that you insure this journey. The policy covers you from door-to-door against loss because of missed or delayed trains, lost luggage and journey cancellation. Peace of mind starts from just £1 per person each way and you must be under 75 years old.

Important please read: View the policy

Total insurance cost £2.00 (Payment will be collected by Columbus Direct)

With the options TICKED. As in, I had to OPT OUT.

Oh hell no. I wonder how many people have been tricked into buying ‘insurance’ without even noticing.  Even better, I wonder if any of them were over 75, in which case they were tricked into buying insurance they don’t qualify for.  Do you think Columbus will be carefully tracking those people down and refunding the money?

Sorry. I despise dirty web tricks like that. The Trainline should remove that ‘feature’ immediately (or at the very least make it op-in) and Columbus Direct should be *ashamed* of itself.


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