November 28, 2007

Was fantastic. Many congratulations and thanks to the organizers and hosts.

At BarCampLondon3 I gave a presentation on the Future of BarCamp. At that talk I proposed the idea of a BarCamp-Oriented BarCamp. At the time I called it BarCamp², however I now think that a better title would be BarCampCamp. It makes a bit more sense, I think (and I won’t have to keep searching for where to find a superscript 2.)

Anyway, yes, I am planning on putting one together. Of course, as it it the holiday season, things aren’t really going to get rolling on it until after the new year starts and I get back from Rio De Janeiro. In the meantime, I’m looking at where to get a venue and sponsorship. I know a number of people who immediately stepped up to the plate to help with this and I’m very excited and gratified by it all.

Right now my intention for the direction of this event is to help enable more people to throw their own BarCamps, and to help get as much knowledge and wisdom out of those people who have already run them as possible. I also intend to make this process as transparent as possible. I think this is going to be the biggest challenge honestly.

So, step 1, Venue, who’s got someplace that would like to host anywhere between 50-60 geeks for a weekend? I’m thinking sometime in April maybe.


One Response to “BarCampCamp”

  1. He Ryan,

    I send an email around to some people in Amsterdam. Hope to hear from them soon.



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