PBWiki hacking wankers.

May 2, 2007

Ok, someone (who I won’t link to because that’s rewarding their behaviour) hacked the barcamp.pbwiki.com site. They did it by putting a simple <script> tag redirect. Simple, stupid, annoying. I’ve fixed the page but if you find that your own site has been hit by this amazingly stupid exploit, just do the following:

1. take your normal site url (like http://barcamp.pbwiki.com/)
2. add the following to the end: ‘FrontPage?edit=1&login=1’ (so you end up with https://barcamp.pbwiki.com/FrontPage?edit=1&login=1)
3. remove the script tag.
4. save.

BTW, they’re using google ads to get some revenue out of this, does anyone know how to contact google to tell them to not give those jerks any money?


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