Ubuntu fun and US paranoia hits closer to home.

November 29, 2006

OK, did some hardware re-arranging and now have a slightly faster Ubuntu box with more memory in it.  I also now have a LAMP install that I’m slogging my way through on the slower box.  I’m having trouble getting swat to run.  But hey, this is the kind of learning experience I need for this sort of thing.  I’ll just keep hammering away at it and get it eventually, and then I’ll have learned all those hard lessons that I won’t forget.

In more disturbing news there was a recent boingboing post about technical equipment being exploded at one of the Minneapolis Airports.  Well, as it turns out, that equipment belonged to my father’s department at the University of Minnesota.  Nice one guys, way to save the world from the terror of knowing what temperature it is.


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