Life is what happens when you’re not blogging.

November 9, 2006

Bit late on the uptake here.  The week got busy on me again, today I got a load of IKEA goodness delivered to my home.  I now have a semi-functional office space, although a small one.  This is quite a relief to me.  Next up is a decent flat-screen monitor and a good KVM switch.
It was great to see everyone at the London Web 2.0 RC9 meetup on Monday.  People were finally kind enough to explain microformats to me in a bit more depth.  We also discussed the benefits of these kind of meetups and in particular the benefit of what I phrased as the ‘boozy Socratic method of learning’ in a conversation with Simon.

Now that I finally have a proper working space I’m hoping to get some improvements done on the site, so I can start to look half as cool as the people I keep talking with.


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