Reinstalling Ubuntu…

October 30, 2006

I’m reinstalling it again tonight.  I’ve been through this about 7 times so far, but each time I get further and further.  Somewhere along the way firfox crapped out, wouldn’t even bring up a browser window.  On the plus side I’m getting better and better about this.

So far it’s like this

  1. Install from the Dapper disk
  2. Once startup is done and the horrible startup sound has ground its way into my ears at horrible volume, the first thing I do is turn down the freaking volume.
  3. Then I go in and remove the proxy line from etc/apt/apt.conf so that the updates will work
  4. Then I modify the etc/X11/xorg.conf file to tell it that despite the fact that it’s utterly failed to identify my monitor it really can go for better sync and resolution rates than 640X480 at 60khz.
  5. Restart x windows, breathe a sign of relief as the monitor adopts a reasonable refresh rate.
  6. Let the update run for all the latest bits.
  7. Go in and enable the extra repositories.
  8. Run the updates again.

The last time through I joined the dark side and tried Automatix, and I have to say it worked pretty well.  However when I got a second update in things started to go wonky.  So I might avoid Automatix this time around and see if I can’t do it the old-fashioned way.  Really the only think that Automatix has going for it is all of the grey-area codecs and dvd playback installs.


One Response to “Reinstalling Ubuntu…”

  1. Matt Says:

    Hey, I’m a Linux newbie & am trying to reinstall Ubuntu but can’t find a good guide, you seem to have fleshed out the main points, but would you know of a guide that contains specific instructions along these lines?

    Thnx for your time,

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