Must have boxen.

October 27, 2006

When I moved to the UK, I paired myself down to very very few things.  I invested in an (at the time) shiny new mac PowerBook G4 (which was betmaxed a scant few months later by the new Intel-based macs.  grrrr.)

Only recently have I come into some extra computers.  This has been quite valuable to me as when I have only one computer, it has to do all the *important* stuff, e-mail, blogging, downloading, gaming, you know, all that stuff that sucks out all of my free time and leaves me with no time for projects…

… anyway, having a box that I can install and reinstall and screw up and not have a panic attack over because OMGWTFBBQ, all my stuffs on there, is *very* liberating.  Especially when dealing with a *new* os, say something like Ubuntu.

While I was very pleased to get cool stuff like DVD playback working on ubuntu, I was very frustrated at my own inability to get samba to function.  Fortunately, since this *is* a secondary box, I could just take off and ‘nuke the site from orbit‘ as we geeks like to say.

Plus it gives me the gratification of getting all those annoying steps that I got wrong before (some of which were probably responsible for screwing up samba in the first place) right the first time.

I currently have two spare boxen, and most of the fixins for a third (which would, once put together, be the most powerful of the three.)  Now what I need is a nice flat-screen montior, and a really good KVM switch.

Oh, and I updated to Firefox 2.0.  It’s the shiznit.


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