Space and flow.

October 24, 2006

I’m a lifehacker.  I think it comes from being a programmer but I dislike solving problems multiple times, I’m always trying to find a way to optimize my own existence.  When I find things that take too long alarms go off in my head and I try to find a more efficient system.  It’s an instinct, part of my brain is always in Kaizen mode.

I have, limited space at the moment.  This hasn’t been much of a problem before because, one, I had reduced myself down to a very small set of things as part of my move over the ocean, and two, I was kind of taking the time off and not doing a lot with the space.

Now of course, I’m getting geared up and working on bigger projects, my lack of workspace is starting to get to me.  I’m also starting to get more stuff, like you do.  In particular, I’ve gotten a couple of extra PCs which I’ve been doing some ubuntu whacking on.  What I really need to get now is a proper desk, a flat-screen monitor, and a really good KVM switch so that I can have my boxen and table space too.

I’ll also need to get a desk sometime in here as well *sigh*.


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