Sick and XML.

October 18, 2006

I’ve been in for the last couple of days dealing with the latest rendition of the creeping crud.  Given that my birthday was also this week I was not pleased about the timing.  However, it has given me some nice excuses to just hang out and try to get stuff done.  Like getting PyDev properly installed on my mac (I really need to do a clear write up about how to make that happen because what’s out there kind of sucks.), and playing around with some XML stuff and a really nice bayseian filtering package called Reverend.

And yes, that means that I’m using eclipse, and having mentioned (or in fact even implied) any given IDE I do understand that there is a reasonable chance that people will pitch a heated debate in my comments about why every other IDE is out there/why using an IDE is wrong/how back in my day we only had vi and we liked it/you had vi? hah! we only had v/you had v? well we only had i/you had i? we only had a  ‘1’ and then we had to dot it by hand!/etc. etc. etc.

Anyway, XML parsing even in such a wonderfully straight forward langauge as Python still sucks.  I’m just saying.  And having now said that, I expect that someone will point out to me an incredibly easy and simple way to handle XML parsing that I didn’t know about because the way to get a question answered on the web is to phrase it as an incorrect blanket statement and wait for the furious corrections to come your way.

And darn it, I like Eclipse.  There’s something to be said to staggering your newness with the old and comfortable.  Think of it as affording yourself a mental seed crystal in the fresh new solution.  It helps things grow faster.

Plus I’ve been sick.  Think of it as programmer’s comfort food.


One Response to “Sick and XML.”

  1. Simon Says:

    Fpr XML parsing, you want ElementTree. See for an example of how easy it is.

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