Ubuntu problems

September 25, 2006

I’ve spent the better part of the last two days trying to install the Dapper release of Ubuntu onto two separate boxes in my home.  I’ve had the same problem with both of them in that it installs fine, but then refuses to get packages from the net.  I’ve run through all the basics, I re-installed, I downloaded the disk from a different source, installed from that, changed the repository locations to different mirrors (confirming that they are on different IPs as the US and the UK ones resolve to the same set of addresses) did it on two different machines (clean installs both times.) and the same problem comes on both of them.

I attempted to get help from the Ubuntu forums, and from the IRC channel, and people were kind, but then left, and my problem was still not solved.

Just to prove that it’s not me, I downloaded the latest debian install, and just to be snarky, I used the net install disk, and it’s gone up and running, and pulling packages from the repositories with absolutely no problem.

I work with computers for a living, I do technology advocacy.  I shouldn’t have this kind of problems with the ‘easiest’ of the linux distros.  Every time something like this happens, it drives someone away from open source.  So many other things are right with Ubuntu, but it doesn’t matter someone can’t get to them.


One Response to “Ubuntu problems”

  1. samiux Says:

    Are you using ADSL modem?

    I encounter the same problem but it had been solved by installing a router. It was the problem of the old aged ADSL modem which could not handle no proxy address ISP under Ubuntu 6.06.1. It also not worked very properly under fedora core 5.

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