Not at all flung together at the last minute or anything.

September 16, 2006

I decided that with the other things I was getting involved in (mainly copyfighters and the Open Rights Group) I should have someplace that’s easy to find me by my real name. So um… here it is.

With any luck most of you who are seeing this right now will have met me in person at the Euro OS Con in Brussels. If so, hi there! Please do stay in touch.

Given that this is a big wide open, not locked down, no real security, oh my crap what am I doing writing space, I’m pretty much planning on keeping this focused on my more professional activities (for some value of the word professional.)

I’ll have to go get stuff set up later, get myself a cool domain and all like that. Shouldn’t take long, but I’m still trying to pack right now. Best get back to it.


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